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SMEK is a 5-star rated Best Website Development Agency in Mirpur Azad Kashmir with proven results. We help businesses to generate low-cost, high converting leads on Google, Bing, Yahoo Search Engines to maximise ROI and increase sales.

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Responsive Website Development Mirpur AJK

We opted simplistic approach to achieve productive results. We integrate users’ experience in creating a comprehensive system, which ends users can easily navigate to access the relevant information.  We have first-class standards with specialization in WordPress, CMS, and Bespoke website development. Our web strategists and content management experts collaboratively develop a perfect site for your business that reflects your brand’s true digital identity and aligns well with your marketing objectives.

Our services

You need more than just a website, you need results. We have the business acumen, creativity, and experience to solve any problem and deliver results. Brands are increasingly competing on customer experience even more than price or product. Our job is to deliver that great experience and keep you competitive. We further combine the art of great design with the science of driving conversions and encouraging the right actions at the right time.

WordPress Development

At SMEK, we design & develop versatile WordPress websites which represent the true reflection of your business. Our website development service includes flexible tools such as; UX oriented layout, Unique blend of graphics, videography, and fonts which reflect your brand image, Personalized content management strategy.

Bespoke Website Development

Working with SMEK means that you have flexible and friendly access to our teams of programmers and developers. We develop fully customized, bespoke websites. Our websites developed by in-house and on-site developers. We do not outsource our digital projects. We create user friendly, responsive with conversion rate optimised websites.

Premium Support

SMEK professionals not just design & develop your website, but also facilitate after-launch services. It includes; Free hosting & domain, On-site performance, bug fixes & security issues, CMS updates & optimization, New feature support, software updates & backups. Our online support portal is working 24/7 to optimize our clients’ performance and cope with the issues.

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We are creative team

Our global team of professionals plan and transform creative ideas that bring your campaigns to life.

Five-star support team

Our support forum is at your disposal any time, five star assistance is offered within 48 hours.

Fully Integrated service

we offer a fully integrated service beyond the initial website design.

Why choose us


When it comes to the success of your website, strategy is everything. It is the foundation of your success. It’s do or die.


We build, test, and refine user experiences based on years of solid research, not guesswork.


We design and develop a final product that blows the competition out of the water.


We stand by your side, driving and engaging customers for even better results.

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Innovative design always develops in tandem


Innovative design always develops in tandem